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jazz vibraphonist, classical and pop percussionist, coach, conductor, arranger and composer

VinnieVibes Tour Flyer 2014_ENG

VinnieVibes is planning their new tour for 2014-2015. Are you interested?
Please contact us thru our contact page


 Click here to order the album ’15′ of VinnieVibes

“The concert of VinnieVibes was an energetic happening, expertly put down, with fresh ideas, great craftsmanship, attention to detail and for the leader himself: a huge sense of harmony, melody and swing. What should one need more to give an intriguing jazz concert? “ 

Rinus van der Heijden, Jazzenzo Magazine

“ The compositions of  Houdijk emanate power and are vigorously brought to life. Each piece of music stimulates the imagination. “

Hessel Fluitman, JazzFlits Magazine


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